Sunday, September 27, 2009

Going to prom?

A prom is coming up soon. It's pretty much interesting that it has been one of the hottest topics being debated by the guys here since some time ago. Whether or not to go prom? Who to go with? To buy her fare? List goes on.

Let's look back what's it about prom night? Loosely speaking, it's non other than a gathering/ party for the westerners in their senior years of college life. Their prom can be way wilder and more exciting compared to ours for one very basic reason, with and without booze. You probably can relate to something having watched American Pie but yea, people do lose a bit of conciousness taking in alcohol, when that happens, automatically they become more sporting, more chilled, and all sorts of interesting stuffs can happen. Js like to point out that alcohol can leverage the level of joy.

Prom, as to my point of view, is something like a banquet diner which is supposedly attended by couples/pairs (both the official and unofficial ones). Official couples by its name is straightforward. Unofficial couples would be someone like date for the night. Of course, someone whom you can get along comfortably and blissfully, and it is not necessarily that you have an intent on her. Afterall, I think prom is a casual event for some fun, experience and moments.

Speaking of fun, experience and moment, if you're someone who appreciates life, it would be a must-go event, particularly for the final year fellows. Missing this would possibly mean that you js miss it for the entire of your life.

Well, I certainly don't want to miss out moments in life. Yea, I certainly would like to tag along but things have been complicated here (the surrounding and myself). Clock is ticking every second and my presence becomes diminished thereof.

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