Thursday, September 3, 2009

Demolition brings about wellness

The pond, from which I used to get water and treat it into potable water using my ETP prototype - E.Port-700, was being demolished. Back then, which was approximately 8 months ago, the water was pretty much turbid. It seemed to be greenish-clear. However, recently it has become ten times as turbid as it was. The water appears to be dark green and and opaque. Nonetheless, there're fishes in there. Haven't they gotten chocked, have they?

Demolition work underway.

Pool of homeless fishes

Another note, was reading The Star Daily online. For every page i viewed, Shell RON 95 advertisement popped out. As mush as I felt annoyed by it, it actually is a highly effective way to convey message. I believe that SHELL petrol sales might have been boosted to some tenfold. Here again, I hyped about the ads. No wonder, it has always been the top in Fortune 500.

Btw, does RON 95 makes you travel more miles or something?
Is there still Shell V-Power in market?

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