Monday, September 14, 2009

go holidays with Air Asia

There was a matta fair in PWTC two weeks ago. A friend of me dropped me a message in facebook posting about some hot deals offerred by Air Asia. I linked over and was absolutely blown mind off by the advertisement. See here.


Bali -- 3D2N -- Return Flight + Hotel + Breakfast- From RM 209/pax

Hanoi -- 4D3N --Return Flight + Hotel + Breakfast – From RM 279/pax

There were also some other destinations but these two excited me much. Even domestic trips can easily cost alike or even more.
Yet, it's too good to be true. I guess we all know well that advertisement can be tricky at times, or may be most of the times. I called up a friend to help me confirm some details as booking can only be done at the Air Asia booth in Matta fair. It turned out that the promotional package had been out for grab. The actual pricing is RM1000++.

What a hangover! ...

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