Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Close to the finishing already

Yo, finally break free! State of bliss and relief.

Lately (perhaps for the past two months) I've been squeezed like hell. Pressure, boredom, sleep deprivation, fuss, and the likes all kicked in. Was on marathon from assignments to projects, to quizes, tests, and finally examination. All rowed up back to back. Hardly could steal time for myself. However it's all over. Which also means, final year first sem GAO DIN though it's a bumpy journey.Shits happenned.

Who's the one saying final year is fun?
but hell yea, we did have lotsa fun out of these shits. Coz it's like nothing else matters anymore!
"So-what" is everywhere applicable when you're confronted with shits.

Time flies. Some of my batch mates actually finished their undergruate studies. Congrats and have a good future.

And what's next? Christmas, New Year, Final Semester, Final examination, and cool enough CONVO! Hooray hooray....

Last X-mas gathering with KL-based interns in Berjaya Time Square Complex.
Doubt there'll be any gathering this X-mas...
~Have a nice break~


khooiyee said...

break kaw kaw since you having time. =)

Johnny Ong said...

happy hols then. there's a time to study, a time to work but when it comes to play, go and enjoy yrself to the max