Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just learned about it

Js brought down H.R.M test, a paper which I js learned about in less than 20 hours. I considered myself lucky though as I so happenned to check up the e-learning last night. Otherwise, I might have missed the test or rushed my ass off doing the revision though I sorta did. The annoucement was made in the last Thurs class which I skipped as FYDP presentation intervened.

Being totally unposted, thanks god, I am kinda for certain I unscrewed it js now. hehe...Getting a bit of complacent.

"Last minute revision"--Not a problem at all for a F.Y student! I went to bed early last night and even had a short poker game few hours before the test. Well, wanted to kill the boredom!

But yea, dun attempt this at home!

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