Thursday, November 12, 2009

New way to become "bloated"

It's been a bit of absurd. I have yet to engage with my calculator, even little, since the begining of study week. Isn't calculator the core tool for an engineering student? But yea, it's of real little use to me this semester. I have got all the reading subjects to cramp my nerves. When there's one or two of them, things are still pretty much manageable. But I'm doing 4 in a row. From Human Resource Management, to Cultural Anthropology, Malaysian Study and Petroleum Exploration, all are reading and memorizing. Not to say out of hand, but I'm literally "bloated" consuming all "this and that" (theories, examples, definitions, and stuffs).

Guess that the Humanity people are much bloated since they gotta swallow lot lot more stuffs. Year after year, they are getting out of shape, are't they? hehehe...

Pls join me to pay them salutation.

Any possibility to embed this into human brain?
Towards creation of a tomorrow brain -- e-brain!
EE people, come & give a shot.
But note that the warranty period is 5 years!
What happens thereafter?
The hear of e-brain may turn faulty and become "Holly Crap" .
So product durability is critical.


Johnny Ong said...

last time, a company server has a capacity of 16gb and now it's found in a tiny thumb drive ... technology, too fast.

Chemhoster said...

Oh yea, very fast! Look at iPhone, in just a short peroid of time, there's been few generations alr.