Sunday, November 8, 2009

It's not finished yet, probably starting over.

I CAN'T believe that I'm still working on my FYP NOW. Now, in the midst of study week. Tak habis habis lagi. A stupid miscommucation happenned. I missed out a session of 20% in weightage as a result of following the official annoucement made in elearning. My evaluator was too fussed to listen to me. Ohhh, f...k it! Hopefully I get to redeem this later. Things are negotiable, aren't them?

It's worse as the project will need a major change as advised by my sv. He js freaking told me this last friday, which means I will have to start my research all over, the feasibility, the apparatus availability and stuffs. Erm...not exactly so but something like that.

So, it kinda reminds me of the following.

So this will be my slogan. Till the date of completion of FYP and FYDP.

~ Cheers ~


Gabriel said...

all the best ler! more movies. :D

Kian said...

i like that , 'H is for Holy Crap'