Saturday, November 7, 2009

Big Stars of My Age!

When I'm still fighting hard for my degree, there have already been a bunch of people of around my age emerging prominenly and gaining fame all across the globe. Is this because that they are
lucky as in meeting the right people? Or because that they know well their own talents and cherish on them? Or merely their hardwork and extraordinary diligence? Or simply their destiny?

Anyway, here goes some rather recent artists that I like to hype about. Umm...all are females.

Megan Fox - 23
Generally labelled as sex symbol.
Oh yea, I have to say she is gorgeous and stunning.
She had starred several hollywood movies (i.e. Transformer, Jennifer's body)

Taylor Swift - 19
Sweet country singer. Charming, playing guitar, song writer and composers.
My favorite songs of hers: fearless, fifteen, you're not sorry, tim mcgraw, love story...

Miley Cyrus - 16
Having acted in Hannah Montana, she has now moved into singing.
"The Climb" is a meaningful and wonderful song.
Also, she shared a stage with Taylor Swift in Grammy 2009 singing "Fifteen". Acoutic and real fantastic.

Not forgetting also
Lady Gaga (23)
Orianthi Panagaris (24)
...If you can tell more?

Of course, there're many more from other field/industry for example sport, corporate world, so on. They are "young and dangerous".
I actually doubt if I'm ready to take on the world like them now if given an opportunity. Typical asian mindset. But then it's good to know them and get some inspirations.

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