Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A loser kopitiam in Jusco Ipoh

It's been some delay and to make up some time, we chose to dine-in inside Jusco. We were stuck at the juncion near to McD and the kopitiam, in hesitation of which one to choose. It's around 8 (dinner time) but it's pretty empty at the kopitiam (if not mistaken, there's just one and the only one table of customers). McD is the opposite, lots of customers. (Who doesn't fancy McD)

Not sensing anything can possible go wrong, we gave a shot at the Kopitiam. Partially it's because I sniffed the good smell of curry.

The staffs outnumber the customers but the service way terrible. I asked the waiter to recommend the signature items. Guess what he replied me? The expansive ones are the nice ones. And he went on mentioning all the dishes on the menu. For he's a foreign worker who speaks little inggeris, so nwm lar. Getting no tip (at all) from him, we tembak our order. Our beverages got served pretty soon but definitely not our food. People who arrived later than us done eating, paid the bill and left. Our food hadn't come. A local girl came by explaining and apologising about the delay. Apparently our order had been left out. Soon later, our food got served. The food was just fine.

Then we asked for bill. A local guy came. Ong was kind of like playing playing with him. He asked whether or not can give discount for the delay. Guess what the fellow replied. "Already gave you a lot of curry soup WHAT!". He looked serious, and he spoke serious. It was like he was even more annoyed and fussed than we were over the mistake they had made. I paused a second and burst out laughing. WT HECK. Like it's OUR BAD?!!

We should have known there's must be a reason why they're getting little customers.

So, I hope the kopitiam owner know what's happenning around his shop before it's getting too late.

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