Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Visit to a fish farm

The other day, I tagged along a friend to visit a fish farm situated some hundreds of meters offshore of Pangkor. There, the offspring of commercial fishes are raised. According to the owner, it takes like a year plus to “upsize” the fishes which are then marketed abroad, especially Hong Kong. The farm was set up two years ago and is undergoing expansion. apparently, the return on investment should be pretty encouraging. Also, he said that close to 1 tonne (1000kg) of small fishes are used to feed the thousands of carnivores daily.

Among the variety species, my favorite one “Long-Dang” simply because it’s the most costly one, sellable at some RM40-RM70/kg depending on season. A big “Long-Dang” can weigh up to 4-8kg which can cost up to couples of hundreds. Say all the offspring are successfully raised, the business is really a good money making machine. But of course, there’s sizeable risk growing the fish newborns. Experience and expertise are key to its success.

Was a pretty awesome experience. Here go some snapshots.

Overview of the farm. Each of the pool can “house” up to hundreds of fishes. Indeed a money generator.

Feeding the carnivores.
*Imagine you accidentally fall into any of the pool, gone U.
It’s like Amazon River. Wakaka...

Calculating the “survivors” to monitor the health of fishes.

Diver to go underwater checking out if there’s any hole on the net letting the “money” freed. Unfortunately, the water wasn’t opaque enough and he needed an oxygen tank. So, mission unaccomplished. “Such a loser”!

Look, how many dogs there are! Initially I was freaked out at the sight.
(gandpa, grandma, father, mother, sons daughthers, grandson...)
Well, a biological measure to safeguard the farm from theft.

All the dogs swim. No kidding. Master of doggie. Of course doggie style lar.
They jump into the sea fear nothing. Really!

The pageant queen. Despite the fact that I dislike dog, it’s an exception.
It’s so fat, so cute, & so nice to touch.

Almost wanted to make it mine!


ping yen said...

aww, the puppy is so cute...

khooiyee said...

where is it ah the fish farm? at Pangkor?

Jim said...

looks fun! :D