Friday, January 8, 2010

Hair rebonding - historically existed?

Hair rebonding has already been a part of fashion back then, I mean even back as far as ancient chinese civilisation.

Really? Go and check out this movie.

One of the interesting characters, 刘郁白, starred by 黎明 (Leon Lai). Look, how frizzy his hair is, no?
But towards the end of film, he got changed, most notably his corrupted ha ir into smooth silky hair. Don't tell me this is due to Sunsilk, Pantene or Himalaya thingy. No way.

Speaking of which, isn't this image of the fictitious movie Chinese Hero (华英雄), but an unknown fella sitting beside kept saying this is 聶風 from The Storm Warrior (風雲). Indeed a stubborn dude!

So go and double check with the Mr director regarding the existence of hair rebonding technique back then.

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sOuR said...

I think u started laughing from the beginning of the movie till the end.. especially during fighting scene when ppl were 'kan cheong' but u were just laughing.. geng!