Wednesday, January 6, 2010

From shock to surprises

So I had given up all the goods back in my home and hometown (the people, the food, the sea-side, the ease and carefree-ness, and most importantly the comfort), rather unwillingly I got back UTP, for sake of FYP lor...whatelse it can be right! It certainly doesn't feel good. So to the utp-ians, stay back as long as you can afford.

Series of things were awaiting me to find out.

This is my broken fan. I had it put right on my desk before I locked the door and went for break a month ago or so. However, it had been moved outside. I was like "Oh shit", something or all gonna be gone. Getting bit of nervous already. Hastily, I opened the door.


The room was properly done and in a good order. Instead of a break-in, it should be a housekeeping or something.

Yet, that's not the point. To investigate further, the locks were still intact. Hoo...chill x2.
Well, i did actually had quite some things kept inside. (documents, books, speakers, printer, shoes, ...). In fact, everything else gone missing (including those in the drawers) while the wardrobe left untouched. Thanks god that my double locks work.
Thanks god that the way I locked the locks work. hehe...hebat!

In half an hour time, it's in chaos already. Messy person har me...
Happy new year...

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Jim said...

me likes the speakers boom boom pow. :)