Tuesday, March 30, 2010

1st interview

It's another TEC (Technology, Education and Career) around the campus. It is probably the most awaited event for most of the final sem students as they can expect some interviews and even job offers. Apparently this TEC is few steps backward compared to past TEC judging from number the recruiting companies and exhibitors. This ain't helping at all. Yea, I just attended one and the only one interview, which was with slb. Let's talk about my experience.

Woke up damn early and arrived at the interview room on time as told, 8.00am. Waited for some time just to find out that the tec person in charge had yet arrived. From supposedly first come first serve basic as to whose turn to be assessed, he had to turn to the shortlisted name list and called upon accordingly. On which, I'm the first for chemicel eng. (Shall I say i had the least to expect from? who cares anyway!)

Orite then, let's do it (self-talk). It's a malay female interviewer whom I presumed as adept in selamba-ness. The interview went like lightning, yeap, js as quick as that. Well, it's a first screening afterall. Here's the content.

slb: tell me about yourself something which is NOT inside the resume.

she literally looked into my eye waiting for my answer. Pushy!!!

me: (Diao, I already portrait myself to best in my resume lo. Boomed and was at the brink of suspension) uhmmm...yea, would like to elaborate on my strength. I want to do better every other day....uhmmm...(fuck it)...yup that's it.

slb: ok. let me pick a topic. tell me about "dengue".

me: (Diao, come another c4) Dengue is a disease which is potentially fatal (if medical attention is not provided soon enough). It is caused by Aedes mosquitoes. Cases are on the rise especially during monsoon season... Lot of research have been done but the cure is not yet found...The Ministry of Health constantly carries out fogging to eliminate the mosquitoes, especially in the high risk areas...(run short of craps)...uhm...that's about it.

Could have spoken more but js at the instant, ideas didn't come. So shit happened. Din make it to the next round (the group workshop and assessment). Blame it all to my incompetency in playing with c4. Thinking to join some special force already. wtf...

Wish you luck~

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