Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where are we actualli in the world map?

Hey hey hey, interesting fact to tell, but it's kinda damning, prepare yaself.

Here it goes. Yo, I made some research into the top university in the planet. That led me to a site, which revealed to me such a depressing fact that my university actually comes from bottom in the ranking, absolutely NOWHERE at the top!!! I snapped the photo here.

Ranks of universities in M'sia. Click to enlarge the photo. See for yourself.
This then led me to some further thoughts.
I personally like to defend that the university should top the list locally. However, when being put on the world map, we're so completely "submerged" from the crowd. So listen here, we SERIOUSLY got no solid reason to act cocky and conceited! UTPians, NO big deal...but yea trust yourself that you're gonna change the world. And hopefully you do by Law of Attraction!! Well enough that the university is transforming into a research center, I'm in full support of this with the hope that the university name will surface one day!!

It's already a fact that all the local universities are like midway or at the end of the ranking. For years and years, the government has pledged to enhance the education sector, that has a critical role to the nation building and progress. Huge resources and money are put it, yet we're js THERE only. What has gone wrong with the planning, the implementation, the follow up and the post mortem and stuffs. Thailand and Indonesia do actually have their universities ranked way higher us when in fact the country had way done well in the past, yea in the past.
It is tough funny that lots of lepasan spm still fighting hard to land themselves into the universities...I'm pretty sure that most of them have absolutely no idea about this or else they most likely consider to go abroad.

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