Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Can PRC win?

Was chatting with a friend of mine, who is an all time fans of the People Republic of China (PRC).

Well, the world is witnessing the unprecedented competition between 2 super powers, PRC and USA. Beijing Olympic 2008 not only successfully brought PRC into international recognition (Bird-nest Stadium, scales of performances...etc), it also has thereof "leveraged" the war of the two.

US, tough provoking about democracy and human right, but they never fail to advocate violence and more violence, for example the Vietnam War, Korean War, Middle East Invasion, Taiwan-China-Tibet. Millions perished including the innocents, the children, the unarmed and so on. More chaotic the world becomes, better the military sales, and thus better US economy, true??

PRC is definitely a recognized emerging super power albeit the western media makes baseless accusations about it, perhaps for the sake to remain a competitive media in the western community. Does it taste good to learn about the downside of own nation or own people, sure no!! Well they may be true about some claims, but most of the time they just magnify or zoom in the negative issues. Does it do any justice to PRC?

Yea, are you positive that China taking the lead of the race in near future (As in pioneering the world economy, technology and future trend.)? 10 yrs? 20yrs? US has led the world for decades and situate many of the world best universities. On the other hand, PRC has the word biggest population of the most industrious kind allegedly.

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