Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So Zzzzz...am doing the butterfly liao

Fearing of getting out of shape, I tell myself that I have got to work out constantly. Or else, routine consisting of eating, sleeping, tv-ing, online, and little walking does grow people horizontally, no escape for anyone. Just this evening, I went swimming though without any companion. My dudes have gone out for study, working and so on. That's the thing for an isolated island that is short of facilities and opportunies, what to do. So it's only me who get stuck here. I'd never gone swimming alone, not until just now. Perhaps, part of the reasons is that I was dead bored.

Eye candy
And yea, am on a self-learning course to do the butterfly. Just for a lil fun lar...again, dead bored mar...(ZZZZZzzzzz) Had gotten several educational videos on it from youtube, but still I couldn't get the exact patterns doing it. But yea, just found a really good illustration on the steps.

Wish me the perserverance to master it. =)

Regret that didn't get Ah Beng, the Perak's swimmer to teach me this last time. ZZzzzzzz...

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