Sunday, July 11, 2010

Spain won her first WC

Paul the octopus is not merely a creature with tentacles, but that comes from the future who had repeatedly and accurately forecasted the world cup's results without fail.

In the war between Netherland and Spain, Paul chose the meal served at the Spain's side.

Andres Iniesta, the man who contributed the only goal that concluded the game.

Here goes my fb's posting regarding the game:
Initially Holland put up very good defense (by burning the yellow cards) but when more and more cards came out from them, it's clear that they're in big SHIT...Yea eventualli SHIT happenned. Losing a player = handicapped. Spain, after letting so many chances slipped away, they made it thanks to Iniesta's wonderful goal. Robben's getting MAD!!

It's with regret though that Brazil, my all time favorite didn't make it to final. The rest of this world cup are pretty much fascinating for me. Wonder what would the result be if for a final between Brazil and Spain?? It's time to shake off the nocturnal habit...Get some rest!!

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