Friday, July 30, 2010

Jho Low's frenzy

Recently, this young Penangite has been drawing tremendous attention from both local and international media. Initially, Jho Low was widely reported to have partied with Paris Hilton and many other international famous socialites and his excessive lifestyle spending exorbitant bills on alcohols and entertainment. As a matter of fact, he had so little track records in the past, and was whole mysterious to especially the oversea media who started off making away speculative reports.

Not until he lost his patience and came out to clarify rumors around him. Going through his profile, I am incredibly impressed. He has been a millionaire while he was still in university. Built on excellent fundation in business and superior networking with some super-richs from middle east, he is now a distinguished businessman, investor and fund manager, at the age of 28. Me, got mind blown off. He attributes his successs to the right place, right time and right people, which I couldn't agree more with the saying. If any of these factors is absent, the story will be whole different. And of course, he needs to possess a set of quality within him to deal with the resources made available to him.

I think he is a very inspiring figure, and if can I would wish to take some lessons from him...wakakaka...Well, he proves to us that "Malaysia Boleh" as opposed to the politicians who prove us nothing but bullshits. As an instance, malaysia foreign direct investment (FDI) crashed by 80% for year 2009. (Read) Perhaps Jho Low could somehow help to attract more middle east investors to pump in money here, like what happens in the Iskandar Zone where the major investors are from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi.

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