Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The final of FIFA 2010 is here

The long awaited South Africa World Cup is approaching its end soon. This time around, I'm pretty much of a world cup fanatic, following more than half of the 32 matches, which I used not to be doing. Thanks to the idleness I'm indulging in. I don't bet on a single match, instead I just enjoy watching the dynamics going on in every match. Thus far, the results of the matches are absofreakinglutely unpredictable I would say despite the probability of 50:50 (win @ loss). At first, both the teams competing for the final in last FIFA (France & Italy) were kicked in the preliminary round. After that, the highly disputable judgments committed by the umpires as thought to be the probable causes for the elimination of England and South Korea. Some bookies effect and the Octopus's prediction too create a lot of twists.

Anyway, it will be a final between Netherland and Spain.

Holland bad girls??
Definately the source of motivation for the Netherland FIFA Squad.
They are the one who sent the 5-times-world-cup-winner Brazil home. Their coach is like a magician who is adept at re-strategise. Take for instance netherland vs brazil, first half Brazil took the lead and freaking dominated the game, then second half, Netherland made it the other way around and defeated Brazil. Roughly the same pattern seen in the Netherland vs Uraguay. They also have superstar players like Robben, Sneijder...who actually throw us surprises.

The bull fighting nationals (why all males har?) cheering for Spain fifa squad.
They're the 2008 UEFA champion and their form are back having defeated Germany who incredibly outplayed the Argentina by 4-0.

So, here I'd pronounce my support goes to Spain. Let's see.

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