Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Perhaps "his world" was right claiming that interns are always FREE!

Hang out here just to kill time whilst nurturing sleeping mode.

Few surprises today:

Early this morning, it's super freaking unusually packed in the train. Proceeding all the way from Wangsamaju-->Setiawangsa-->Jelatek-->Dato Keramat-->Damai-->Ampang Park-->KLCC, people just kept swamped in, don't they have eyes to see how pack it's! Neither do they have brain to think how terrible it feels like being sandwiched in between with macam-macam aroma! Was suffering from acute breathing problem! Damned annoyed by that! More worth informing, my dude compellingly leashed out his "virgin" shoulder to a "perfect" stranger who got out in Ampang. I din manage to check out how "perfect" is she. He ranted it all day!

Secondly, I was on the same lift with a fellow, well I mean the India country manager of Halliburton whom I totally had no ideal about until he finally took the initiative to check me out! Lol, I guess I just cherishes my selambaness.

Thirdly, out for lunch with somebody to whom I terhutang budi a lot in the sense that this person was actually the service provider, I mean materials provider for our courses. Despite having walked to Avenue-K a couple of times, still lost in way. I know, my sense of direction is beyond retrievable.

Fourthly, went swimming after work. The water was damned cold. However, two interesting creatures showed out. Stayed "a little bit " longer than intended. What are you thinking? We didn't do anything behind our clear conscience, okey!

Back from swimming, my housemate brought her frens back. Lol...lazy to know people alr. It seems like everywhere is fish here.


Hope you're entertained. Hang up here!


Johnny Ong said...

long time never swim d. need to get back to it once i'm back to maintain that fitness otherwise the stomach will explode forward

charlz said...

"His World" claimed that interns are always free with an exception to those who work in my old company, Shell I.T, now known as HP hahaha X)