Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Malaysian Men come home late.

An interesting headline appeared in The Sun last week: Malaysian men come home late. It was basically a number of women unleashing their tremendous anger and voicing out their dissatisfaction and suspicion of their hubbies playing two timing or having affairs. Being a means for demonstration, they put up posters of their hubbies in bus stops with slogan like: "Dear hubbie, why aren't you coming home early?" or "Bastard, come back home right after your work!"

In response to this, a survey among the men had been carried out. Today, the headline for The Sun is something like men answering the whys. Surprisingly, many said that it's because of the filthy odor at home, be it smell from sweaty clothing, waste water, balance food, or something. After a tiring day of working, men expect to sooth down, relax and chill out at home, but the foul smell is disastrous. Some just keep quiet about this issue due to the fact that they don't want to hurt their honey by questioning their capability in house keeping. They would rather hang out longer in the offices.

Is it so? I mean is their reasoning justified? What do you think?

My thought: Yea, I do see there's a/some problem(s) man coming home late frequently. Male, let's put ya legs in the your beloved's shoes, what this can possibly be meant? If you're responsible, avoid this. Communicate with ya honey. Well, if you so happen to have affair, I dunno what to say. In fact, it's complicated for me to say anything. Situation varies from individual to individual. People take and see things differently, for example sex. So long as the hurt feeling is minimized, nothing is wrong. It's a totally subjective!

I can't give you my words that I may be coming home late sometimes in future either. As far as possible, I really think that it should not be happening though.

Filthy odor makes men coming home late, really? Shear lying lar....Yet again, it can be so. Women, do put some effort in housekeeping. Perhaps Ambipur can be helpful. You may wanna have maids. As long as the house is comfortable for man being.


~Teng~ said...

ur mission is to promote Ambipur or any scented essence is it? lol

Chemhoster said... intention got unveiled. Die die ...