Friday, December 5, 2008

Brief visit to IPTC

Today is the last day for the largest oil and gas conference, International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) in KL Convention Center. More about IPTC.

Having one hour plus lunch break, I went over to pay a visit for the world-class oil and gas exhibition. Yea, it really was! I was totally blown mind off seeing how grand scale the booths were! Undoubtedly, huge money had been thrown in. PETRONAS got a double storey booth,best design I would say but its a bit laying back to efficiently convey information. My vote goes to slb being the most informative and interative booth. They had working models with video on LCDs. At the same time, there's technical presentations. Due to time constraint, I just stayed for short. Baker Hughes offer a visual and motion sensing bowling game (correct term?) I did store strike for once and won some hands! Bravo! haha...
Halliburton wasn't doing so well. However, it showcased it's R5000, an g&g-->Ge0logy and Geophysics software which recently won Oil and Gas Award. Of course there were many more companies like Shell, ExxonMobile, Total, Kuwait, JAPEX, name a few. Very regret to not be able to put up photo. Going to get a camera phone. =)

On top of that, TOYOTA motor , Misubishi and even Shell showed off their prototype solar cars! Wonderful!

It's really eye opening, but I didn't gain much technical exposure which I was supposed to do. Perhaps I spent too little time there. I was pretty late to go back office. I was installing a software on my sv's desk who went out for lunch almost the same time as I did. So, I was kinda caught red handed!

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