Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Engineer's Desktop Model (EDM)

Shit wey...It's a real bugger, talking about the Engineer's Desktop.

I had spent more than a working day trying to get EDM installed and run in my pc. Yet, it is not running at all till now.

Fyi, EDM requires a database(collection of tables), either SQL (Structure Query Language), Oracle, Microsoft Access...etc to run. The complexity arose due to its sensitiveness on the version of the database. For instance, in my case, EDM ver.14 is only running with SQL 2003 database. Just realize this. Initially I thought can just hentam, as in things are simply matchable. What a lovingly thinking! Hell that I know meh! It shits me a lot! It's frustrating!

What did I just do? Uninstalled/ removed all of them. Tomorrow, gonna reinstall the compatible match.

Gosh...I am having a bad cough now. Christmas is coming around! Damn Damn Damn! how to 3W (Woo Woo Wor). Haven't got plan for tomorrow countdown.

I have been contemplating if my speculation has hit pillar alr. I won't be seeing my nice colleague anymore. So, passing people contact is nothing better/ more secure than having people contact in hand. Sigh Sigh Sigh...gonna loop Avenge Sevenfold's "I won't see you tonight-part II". also 王力宏 "星期六的深夜"。。。Jeff, so pathetic meh...Chill out!

Arh...this morning, I handed over my Christmas gift prepared for "someone". Can be a male. Shit. Cause my office activists is organizing a Xmas Gift Exchange thingy. I bought something which people especially females do actually get astonished, a 1.5 litre wine imported from France ler. It sorta heavy. Well, it's not whiskey, vokad, martini, or something...The principle is 物重,情义更重!Translation: The gift is real heavy, yet if it's compared to my sincerity, it's nothing!

... Jungle Bell ... Merry Christmas ...
May santa clause listen to everyone's heart, grant us of our longing!

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wenyee long said...

lol..y wanna bought wine as a christmas exchange gift, i guess less ppl did it as u..sumore 1.5l..u crazy d..

anyway, take gd k ur health..cough need some times to cure..
Blessed Christmas ya ^^