Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beautiful day!

Yea...I'm pretty much on top of my world, exaggeratedly speaking. Well, today was not bad. Not at all.

Early this morning, I bang into someone. He used to teach us, the chemical engineering students a course last semester. He was really dedicated to teaching us, but his way of teaching was just not to our favor. Towards the end of semester, he was kind of stressed out (by his own us?). To round up, it's sort of bad ending--We thought he's emo and he frowned upon us about the effort we put into his projects. Specifically the distillation column design problem--Still remember? But yea, I scored an extinction for his paper, which is "tough". Yippie. Whoever concerned should be able to guess who he is. I had a brief chat with him. As always, he was in a rush and he pushed his way into the train. Just found out that he's quite man. The world can be so small sometimes!

I made my own schedule to leave the office early for lunch. Of course no. For G2ooo clearance in Menara Chan. It's a really good sales! Price cut up to like 80%+. Actually I went there yesterday but returned empty handed. I learned lesson. I went right the time it opened, yet the crowd arrived before me, and snatched all the nice wear. Luckily, I still managed to secure a nice shirt.Yippie...

Just now somebody, the other somebody fetched me back on his new ride--Man, its Mazda 6, which looks something like this.
I always have a thing for car! Sporty type! He bought this car like last month.
He quoted: 220km/hr (Mazda) = 120 km/hr (P.S)!

He blowed me off! No, I mean the car!
A young man...No need to save money meh?? haha...

This is how my beautiful day goes.

On top of that, I'm tossing for the long weekend long--Labor Day mar.
First time that I feel Labor Day actually means something to me.
I'm going back "oversea" again.


Jim said...

dude, you mean distinction i think? :D chill man. glad ur days are good. :D

Chemhoster said...

OMG...lame error! Thanks for reminding!