Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bad economy!

Several things to relate about the impact of economic downturn as I personally saw/ heard/ went through:

1. My business trip to Mumbai is officially called off. Why? Operators anywhere around the world are cutting back on their spending as oil price has not shown satisfactory pick-up. Contractual review, request for better rate, cancellation or deferment of projects are being carried out throughout the industry. Hence, contractors loss many business, so as the suppliers & manufacturers. It's what called as chained reaction! It's an era of cost management! about the bonus for high rank staffs, as that in AIG?

2. PC_fair_II_09 is seeing decreased scale and number of booths in relative to PC_fair_09_I. I was very much impressed by the latter, reasons being that there were dedicated halls for high budget products (laptop, camera, Apples), audio system (speakers, home theaters) and low budget mixed products respectively. Besides the large variety in projects, there's other things to "behold", talking about the "promoters"! Unlike wise, PC_fair_II_09 is just "nothing-so-special". However, it's still very much congested by visitors. Arh...I just wonder are we really getting better rate at PC fair, at all?

3. I recently visited a job fair held in MCA building. Apparently, it came at precise timing when many are retrenched. I was hoping to check out some O&G companies, but none was exhibiting. However, I gotta do two personality tests. First test was by The Star which revealed me as adventurous--(quite true) while Melvin as CREATIVE--(WTH)! Second test just blew my mind off--GenoCode test based on finger print. The preliminary test hell gave me a very very "zun" revelation--I was like: Ooo...this exactly who I am! (secret lar) However, I didn't do the full test as it's gonna cost me RM300+. Anyway, I think it's good that one knows his/her ownself well, as to where he/she should head for and from where to pick up self pride sort of things. I was too stingy to pay for the test tough.

This is PARADOX! There are many active constuction sites around KL city center, be it expansion or new building/towers. I shall perceive that the building sector is booming instead of declining. It just doesn't make sense to me. Somebody tells me why...pls.

5. Complaints about late salary transaction of PET Interns...even from the guy-of-Rome. haha...

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Johnny Ong said...

hopefully the economy recovers fast enough as m'sia hasn't really gone up since the last recession in the late 90s