Sunday, April 26, 2009

^ Completion ^

Completion for Production? No sien meh~

Too much of Kenny-ism that I signed myself up for a Jogathon spanning a distance of 7km this morning with some 7K contestants, mainly Chinese. More info on Jogathon Warisan.

As a matter of fact, I put myself through. Real champion lar...hahaha.

It's totally insane to wake up as early as 530am. Had a real poor rest last night due to the bloody heatwave! I was thinking about iced shower!

Fantastic T-Shirt design. At least 7K people owns one as per claim.

In spite of that, I think I outran it than my estimation. I used to suffer stomach-pain back in the jogathons I joined. last jogathon was 4 years back, when I was still hanging out in Matriculation Gopeng. This time, only the tapak kaki ached mildly. Perhaps 7km is nothing. I don't jog leisurely but I guess my jogging expertise is sharpening by its own. WTH...

It's thousands-of-people race! Stiff competition? Well, my target was completion, which I actually made it. You might need to consult the 30plus-th Melvin, a guy-of-FitNess 1. He is a runner! Don't play play.

The completers 3 -- FIR?

Hot-&-Spicy 麻辣板面-
by a restaurant somewhere opposite to JobStreet Office, Medan Tuanku.
Walkable from Dang Wangi.

It's really one of its kind, bery bery spicy--bery bery chigei--bery bery tasty.
The noodle is very cuttable, the Ikan Bilis--is from Pangkor (crap), some cut beef and a "torn" egg.
Yup, it's bery bery tasty!


S h e a T e n g said...

why didnt ask me to go also????

Chemhoster said...

You better guai guai stay with your books...

sOuR said...

eh.. the spicy pan mee got beef one? i thought that was pork

Chemhoster said...

It's pork meh? Thought beef lai de...

Whateva thing remains true, its bery bery tasty!