Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ban of dcplus

The university recently put up an ultimate ban to the dcplus, a sharing platform of multimedia, documents, installers and stuffs.

Dcplus is undoubtedly an UTP culture. Many of us had been so heavily dependent on it. After google, or perhaps as par with google, dcplus had been indispensable to me, personally. And I believe same goes to others. It served me as sources of entertainment, knowledge and more importantly time-killer.

The issue raised by the administrators was being copyright infringement. Somehow true but WHO GIVES A DAMN. Elsewhere, probably every university has the equivalence. If not, the internet has any kind of any things. Dcplus was js a focal point of stuffs which is pretty much downloadable from internet. Well, I might not have ever considered about the publishers, entertainers and the likes, but dcplus was just so convenient. We obssessed about it. As a matter of fact, dcplus used to give us life. Imagine what will the afthermath of block of dcplus be?

In consideration of the copyright voilation, can't the administrators make some sorts of negotiations instead of brutally slashing it off?

To live on another semester without dcplus, hell crap lar.

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