Friday, October 16, 2009

"Well-Versed" Pocket-C Operator

This cafeteria serves bad-rated food in terms of tastiness, hygiene and price as generally perceived. It's getting fair business though I suppose. The only reason I can relate is its location in proximity of lecture spots where there's high traffic of passers-by.

Thinking js to fill my empty stomach, I visited the cafe like the others. While paying for my food, I confronted the cashier, whom I thought he's the boss lar. Apparently, I had some problem getting charged unreasonably. Somewhat like RM 2 in addition to my estimate.

Me: Pak Cik, mahalnya ni. Macam mane u kira?

Boss: Mane mahal. Sausage RM0.50, telur RM0.50, kuah RM0.50 erm...semua RM4.70 (he skipped).

Me: Erm...Bihoo ni RM 2.50 ke? Mahal larrrr. Kat Pocket-D, ni baru RM 1.20 - RM1.50.

Boss: Oh ya ke. Kalau macam tu, you makan sane larrr. (raised tone)

I was literally hanged before reacted to him.

Me: Ooo boleh larr. Lain kali I makan sane. Nak bawa juga kawan ke sane.

The boss seemed to be quite alright with my response, which pissed me off further. I paid and I off.

The rule of thumb in business is to attract as many people as possible to come and buy. It takes big volume to sustain a business. As suggested by the saying "Customers are King", satisfy the customers, make them speak for you rather then you put up costly advertisement in mass media.

The particular cafe operator, however, DRIVES AWAY THE CUSTOMERS. He probably thinks that he doesn't even need us to run his business. In light of this, why would we help him. Correct or not? Let's ban on him.


Jim said...

lol same here. got the same crap from them too, and the nasi lemak operator in v5. i waited for the next person to pay, and they took WAYYYY more than me. and they were charged very generously. i think its a colour problem. lol.

anyway, consumer rights. dont like what youre buying? just say no i dont feel like eating anymore and push the plate back. seriously. :) more than happy if they report. haha.

Chemhoster said...

Go get yourself tanned more and hence pay less.

Oh, we cn actually do so? I doubt if anyone would do that. Kinda awful in front of everyone. But we should execise our right especially on all these buggers. hehehe...will see how it goes.