Monday, October 12, 2009

"Tonight is a good night"

The original plan didn't work out. Instead of attending Prom dinner, we went VooDoo, one of the finest clubs in Ipoh.

It's freaking packed inside the club whereby we had to pushed our way through. The music genres were well accepted by most. Beats was deafening and provocating. We made up quite a big group. Three bottles were ordered. Everyone was like literally gone crazy and we DANCED whole night through. They were all very fine companion.

The intoxicant!
As often, there would be someone proposing bottom-up. I went 4 rounds of it which resulted me in "blur" but very "uplifted" mode. That's time when I could rid off stuffs and just dance. Fun I would say.
The alcoholic effect started creeping in after we got out of the club. This was killing me. Had a kick and literally threw out. First time I got this drunk. The feeling was painful and a total awe.
My advice (for both males and females alike) do measure your intake capacity, watch you intake accordingly. Or else it shall put you in a very vulnerable position to any kinda threats (robbed, assaulted, raped, accident, etc.)

Despite all, it was a total blast. Got over the hangover the next day. Losing appetite, migraine, exhausted...But I'm now kicking!


Jim said...

lol measure now. you dont want to miss work next time. :)

Chemhoster said...

Haha...alr "LWD" it.

Hopefully my capacity increases over time, of course by pratices lar.

Imagine if one day go and work in Labuan, it's tax-free!