Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deevali Eve outing Sitiawan-Telok Batik

It was a spontaneous plan. Off, we were downtown of Sitiawan for what it's famous for, the seafood. We dine-in the said-to-be best rated restaurant, Amu Seafood Restaurant. I had eaten there before that. The food wan't that yummy. There's a slight improvement this time around. I still love Pangkor-version of seafood which is like cooked specifically to my taste buds.

First dish - fried Bihoo-kuew teo. Tasted fine.

Salted egg prawn. Overly salty, offsprings of crab, not so satisfying.

It sounds like "Ju Ju" when you suck it.

La La. Tasted the best amongst all.

Fried Bihoo with big prawns. Tastelss instead. WTF really.

Sotong fritters. Crunchy. Not bad.

My dining mates.

After meal, off again we headed to Telok Batik Beach, Lumut. Another spontaneous move.

"Beach conferecing". Good experience.

Showing "blue-tears". It was first discovered at a beach of Pangkor isle.
Girls get melted seeing it. Trust me.

I'm emo. Don't I look like I'm emo?

Actually was piled with works but stole some time out. The time ahead is getting real crazy!


Johnny Ong said...

u must have 'melted' many other girls before hahaha ..... naughty brilliant guy

khooiyee said...

Whiz Kid in Emo?? Nahhh, that's sooo not gonna happen!!!

Chemhoster said...

Johnny, lar...this is cheap trick. =)

Khooiyee, erm, but it happenned! Erm...thinking to give a shot in acting. hehe...I got talent kan!