Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Like I've done a Mega project

Finally it's over. I can't take it any longer than this. Huhuhuhu....

Talking about Process Plant Design aka (Final Year Design Project), it posed big hell to the chem. people. Well, probably not to all, but to those who gotta help ass-cover of others. The best case of senario is that every member contributes, so the work load is distributed, things could get done easily with quality. But in real case, this is by all means not applicable. Oh yea, it is this UNJUST when we all will score the same. I led and I gotta keep the show running. Seriously, I've used up my energy, time, mind, soul and anything imaginable working on it, JUST on it.

Apparently it has gotten me real real bad, especially in the past 2 weeks when works was intensive:

1. Spent like more than 12 hrs a day for days back to back in the lab trying to complete the process simulation using iCON. Not sure is it because of the dumb simulator or I'm the dumbbie. But hell yea, it took infinite iterations to get a "green-light" on. More iterations to improve the results.

2. Having terrible sleep deficit. This situation is virtually similar to burning candle at both sides. Slept "early" woke up early.

3. Raced against time. Lotsa works. Putting on huge pressure. It's big mental work to suppress all sorts of emotions: depression, stress, frustration, tiredness, disappointment, piss-off, temper and the likes. According to someone, I finally put on a tensioned face. Is this a compliment?

I watch many megastrucure documentaries, for example construction of Petronas Twin Towers, Dubai's Palm Island ...etc. I was always amazed by how incredible the project engineers are. They get things done, deal with "surprises", keep track the progress, and most impressively they solve problems, no matter how hard it is. Now, I can somehow picture myself in their situations. Can I claim myself get something "BIG" done?

Ohya...some credits to those standing by me...


sOuR said...

so congratz.. finally u did it!
i can't imagine u with tension face..
sleep more and put ur joker face back on..


Chemhoster said...

Not Joke-Face? Simply one u!

Tx anyway.

mee kee said...

it's Big, especially when u r designing one whole plant alone in like 4 months (i have definitely exaggerated here :P)

fydp 2 is coming. hehe...

Chemhoster said...

Hehehe...getting assistance from mates ler.

But yea, lacking of experience & expertise made things real hard!

Arh...too bad! My nightmares aren't gone forever yet!