Wednesday, October 7, 2009

RM40 haircut.

It's saturday morning. We, the culture anthropologist project team were downtown. We were on an ethnography mission to probe into what sorts of celebrations were there in Sam Poh Tong during Chinese New Year. We were to do an interview with the person in charge there.

Sam Poh Tong, a Chinese Buddhist Temple within a natural limestone hill.

Nice architecture, geen surrounding. Marvelous, isn't it?Come & pay a visit to Sam Poh Tong one day.

It was a brief interview session. In fact, there's no much activities around the temple during CNY. We roomed around checking out the place before departing to JJ. The girls wanted to get new dinner dresses while I needed a haircut.
I notice a banner about promotional haircut @ RM 12 outside a saloon. Thinking to get some saving, I gave it a shot. There's no other customer except me. Without my notice and agreement, the female assistant stylist poured some liquid on my hair and performed a hair wash as well as head massage. It's my first time getting these kinda services. It's kinda fine and relaxing. However, I started to ponder could this be RM 12 haircut. Next, it's the male stylist on my hair. He was rather delicate trimming my hair. Thereon, I was pretty sure no way it's RM12. My thought plunged deeper. He took some 30 mins to overhaul my hair which is of 3 months uncut. The assistant stylist gave me another hairwash (with js plain water this time) and then the stylist styled my hair with clay and spray. I was served for some 40-50 mins. As much as I enjoyed their service, I had been mentally unrest in the process as it would have prolly cost me a fortune. Money has been tapped out fast these day. Swt.

Let's check out the RM40 product:

Side view. I'm happy.

Front view. I'm tired.

When I js needed a haircut, ain't this is a lavishness? Fyi, this is my most pricey haircut. May be I should have js asked for cutting, rather than keeping queit and got sold the whole package.