Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Is dog the best friend for human being, for its perfect loyalty? It can be true in accordance to Chinese Zodiac. However, it does not convince me quite much. I had 3 horrible experiences being after by dog, perhaps i just hate and forbia of mad dog or so called "Xial Gao".

Experience 1:
3 years back, i was looking for a friend, his name is Khai Feng. His house was deep inside forest, really!!! That's why his family kept some dogs to take care of things around. I knew that since long, but that day i was forced to go to his house to collect something for the picnic. I was fetching a friend behind my motorbike. Done with decribing the senario.

So, when i got closer to his house, the dogs, few of them caught me in their hungry eye. I thought to be cool only until the first bark, I seriously lost my mind. So, i quickly made a U-turn. The hell is that is that the dogs were by my side at that time...So damned fast...So i masuk minyak to the fullest...The one sitting behind even crazier. He just jumped and shoke the motorbike. Towards the peak of event, i was so closed to rode into a pretty deep river. To exaggerate it a bit, it's life and death experience. Then my friend dropped his specticle on the struggling way.

Experience 2:
It's early this year. I was looking for the same friend again, but for fun. He had moved to new house. For hell sake, AGAIN there's an unchained mad dog in his neighbood!! I thought to be cool. In fact I was really cool. I stopped in front of my friend's house and called my friend's name for couple of times, being stared by the mad dog. It's clear for me that it's a mad dog. My friend wasn't around, so i slowly rode away in order to prove to the mad dog that i was still cool and there is no way i can be thief. Haha...this phsychological trick in turn totally tricked me up. The dog was at first setting there, then on its knee and on it's feet and finally....coming after me. I captured the whole process and again masuk full minyak to escape. I made it though. It's really mad dog!!!!

Experience 3:
It's was last saturday night. I was fetching my friend home, the other friend. So, supposedly it's free of dog. Hell sake, 2 mad dogs appeared. I dropped my friend home d then i rode away. The dog freakingly turned to mad and went after me. The escape was better compared to previous 2.

Theory is proven. Dogs hatred me. Don't know how much, but can say not little!!! Sial Gao really freak me out!!!

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