Monday, July 21, 2008

PCS Intro

It's Professional Communication Skill, which is a course I'm currently doing. This afternoon we had introductory lecture on it.

Something went pretty funny. Here it goes:

Madame A was explaining about informative talk VS persuasive talk.

Madam A: Hey, can you give an example of informative talk?

Student X: Lecturing.

Madame A: Okie, what's about the persuasive talk? To make people buy your story, accept you or your idea.

Student Y scratched his head. Arhh... sweet talking. hahaha...true true true.

Student Y was sitting with Student K.

Student Y: Hey, I got an idea. sweet talking lol.

Student K: hahaha....geng, faster tell the lecturer.

Student Y just whispered it to Madame A was standing somewhere closed by but she didn't catch it. Or may be she pretend not hearing it.

After briefing, Student Y talked to his friend.

Student Y: Hey, just now when Madame was asking about the example for persuasive talk, I was about to say "sweet talking". It's somehow a beauty of lie., isn't it persuasive in nature?

Student Z: Lol, hahaha... what an example. Come on, you should have speak it out and after that register to her class.Then you can score PCS perfectly.

Student Y: Oh ya ho, probably can ask her out for a date. Can even score better...

Student Z: Yea, that's the way. Work smart. You're really creative. I think we had got too far already, made U turn lar. hahaha....

End of story...

(Extended version is not put up here...Keep pondering what's next...hahaha)

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