Friday, July 18, 2008


It was on my head for quite some time-->Hui Xiang. The chair, Kha Loon passed me the baton. Originally, it's was a mere visit without any good course. I's kinda conservative about the participation. In the end, the number exceeded expectation.

However, this very fine girl, Mei Le came out with idea of library make-over and scrapbook making. They are absolutely brilliant things to be done. I was kinda satisfied and proud over masterpieces by everyone, putting in so much effot.

Having moved out all new tables, about to start library turn-around.

( Before )

by Hooi Yee, Tee Hooi, Ang Khian & Jia Lin based on theme "Eight Planets in Solar system without THE SUN". Note as well the polisterene wording below.

Making signs to prompt people to library all the way starting from stairs. More than 10 signs were made. None is from me actually. It's Teik Hui, Gek Ling & Lee Teng who made them.

Books mending, Everyone involved...

It involved all tedious and tiring work: Cutting paper & polisterene, designs, double tapping...Anyhow, hope all these paid off if the kids can come here more frequently.

"Library should make me high", quoted by Mei Le, who less than seldom to go mamak. I respect her!!! In other word, get addicted to library or it's propriety like novels...
Hope the Liman fellows are somewhat like her.

We mended some books as well...also, repackaged the dictionaries, shockingly 19 of them. The funny part is that quite some works popped out when some subsidy was offered to us, which really freaked us out, Ang Khian in particular.

Wrapping up things, it's interest-meaningful trip for:
1. Made contribution to Liman people, hope things done are inspiring to their bright future.
2. Worked hard together and then had fun together. Believe, the order has to be "worked hard first and only have fun" and the key is TOGETHER. It feels great sense of togetherness.
3. Met up with the kids, playful, nuisance, but lovely.
4. Had a fair basketball game at Liman court with dried bird shit all over the floor.
5. Fruit season. My most favorite, Durian is so available for my "thirsty mouth". So damned stuffed with durian and can still made an Durian Party in UTP. Thumb-up experience.

Durian Feast!! ( Durian, Rambutan, mangostene and even papaya from Tee Hooi)

6. Very good rest at night (chilling, peaceful & qiuet and very physical weariness)
7. Yum Cha at this classic shop , Dang Gei. Melvin's so-called mother bought our bill.

Everyone, I am thankful for participating in Hui Xiang, contributed for the scrapbook...Really good memory, isn,t it?

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mei said...

ching shearn, thanks for the wonderful post on huixiang. i had loads of fun too. thanks for complying with my whims throughout the preparation ya..haha, couldn't have done it without you all. i assure you i did not quote "library should make me high"