Friday, July 25, 2008

Man on FIRE

From some distance, the racket looks pretty fine. But it's thrown like that...Guess what?

It's broken.

Seeing it at the other angle. Whao, quite a damage, isn't it!

I was at the court, together with Tee Hooi who was waiting for some more friends to come.

The court was overly saturated with people. We just sat down watching some friendly matches....

That's racket, being a consequence from 2 OUTRAGEOUS team mates fighting....

(fighting to hit the shuttercock)

It all happenned too fast.
I didn't even get the logic of why 1 racket was so spoilt while the other is healthy like a horse.

1 comment:

sOuR said...

That racket was a 'ciplak' one.. that's y it was damaged so terribly.. haha..