Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fight with Ulcer

What's more painful other than ulcer!!!

I had this freaking ulcer few days ago. This time, it's exceptional, as it's developed on the tongue, instead of gum. I was really suffering.

Brushing teeth, eating, drinking and even speaking were excruciating. My goodness, the affected area was so damned exposed. I've learned that every action brings consequence. I rather don't eat, don't drink and don't speak if I got it again. haha....

I thought of let it recover by itself. Perhaps it's a sign indicative to heat of my body. So, I took tonne of water but it didn't work. I couldn't take the pain any longer. So, i employed the ultimate--salt. I just put the raw salt on the affected area. It's no longer called pain. Instead, it's high. Tears came out, so as the saliva. I got S0-high for few minutes. Afterward, the ulcer slowly soothed down and it's gone eventually.

Believe me, salt remains the ultimate for ulcer.

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