Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Security fellows

They are people who are tremendously humorous.

There was once, I followed a friend back from dinner in his car. We were stopped at the main gate. One fellow forgot to bring her matric card. She was asked to made record at the log book. I was kinda busybody and followed her. Nonsensely, the security asked me to put down my name as well. Guess what happened? For my hair being overly long. For hell sake, I faked a name. In fact, my hair wasn't that long also.

In contrary, I highlighted my hair last semester. I was initially kinda freaked with security for they may issue me "coupon". I avoided them for quite some times only to find out it's not considered as crime for being "Dragan Ball Hero".

A bit longer hair and yellow hair, which weighs more?? My parents went for the latter. Faster vote...

Just now, it's 11.20pm, few friends ( KK, JJ, Josh, and Tay) were playing badminton. We were playing double. One from the lost pair will be substituted by the fifth man. I's unluckily happenned to be the fifth man because i went there late. Very soon, it's midnight. I's just about to get warmed up, 2 security came to shut the light off as it's 12am.

Slumber KK: kejap kami tutup lampu boleh? sebab 10 min lagi nak habis game.
It sounds persuasive to the security. They let us continued and stressed 10min saje.

My thought: 10 min is more or equal to 1 hour based on the security scale. Yet to be proven tough.

We kept on playing. Last match was worth to be noted. 2 Chemical guys won. It's 1.20am.

In the end, My thought was proven correct.

To justify the situation:
The security were being very nice and considerate to us. They knew we barely have time to come for sport...They actually took us none other than their children...I were thruthfully grateful!!!

Pls give ya best shot to agree with me about the above. Thanks...

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