Thursday, July 31, 2008

Donut is fun!!

It's 2nd week of lecture.
There's been MMK in the Pocket D foyer to showcase what UTP has actually got,
essentially the societies and clubs.
I used to be manning booths there:
International Culture Club (ICC), Society of Petroleum Engineering Club (SPE)
and also I-Chem club
Huh, sparing "Boo-tat time"!!!
But this time around, I am retired.

One thing that excites me about MMK:

It was Pizza Hut in the old time.

My first ever Dunkin!!!
I tried on Chocolate, Strawberry and Blueberry. C and B were nicer.
That's was yesterday.

Today, I'm kinda at the tip of my luck...
Got 2 free Dunkins from Lee Teng & housemate fella...

Another big Donut Manufracturer, the Big Apple
It's available in Jusco Ipoh.
I'd ever tried once.
But couldn't help comparing Dunkin or Big Apple,
which is of better choice...

"Same shit Different smell"

Variety of Big Apple

so much appealing,
real catchy stuff,
not only fill ya hunger,
but also satisfy ya craving,

I would rather hold them in the hand


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