Monday, August 4, 2008


Having handed in my ETP proposal, I was walking back from Blok 14.
I was alone. So, I walked pretty fast.
Initially, I was behind lots people but managed to be no 1 soon.
At the sheltered pathway connecting Pocket C to girls' bloks, I found 2 GREEN NOTEs. Huh...what's a lucky day for me.

It has been so long ago since I last found money.
I heard that it's not good to keep the money found.
So I bought myself a Vanilla Chocolate Ice-cream at Kopetro.
The balan ce was spent on buying energy for my bike.
Erm...hope can find more $$ again..hahaha...
It's fun!!

Erm, this is the biggest amount I ever found. Well I know it's kinda pathetic.

What is the most you ever found?
What is the most valueble you ever found?

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