Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Anwar can make a change but he is not all that matter!

Few more days it'll be 916, a date which Anwar Ibrahim has set to topple the ruling coalition provided he succeeds in enticing 30 BN Members of Parliment (MPs) to jump over joining Pakatan Rakyat (PR). BN has been very corrupted. Almost everyone knows that and majority of the citizens lost their faith to them. Forget and forgive shall not be applicable to BN anymore.
Recent breaking news in regard to issue on "chinese squatter" by Bukit Bendera Umno division chief Ahmad Ismail has exacerbated the tension. Chinese squatter

Chronology of BN becomes SCREWED UP. Click here

Undoubtedly, Anwar is the most potential leader in making this revolutionary change. However, one thing we should always bear in mind.

Anwar is not all that matter. What crucial more for citizens is a government who is anti-corruption, upholds national constitution, treats everyone equally regardless of races and religions, enhances the national economic and emphasizes on human right, such as speak freely. .

An article from which I would like to extract some points to share:


國家主權是屬於人民的,政府機關只是屬於人民所委托的部份範圍。如果國陣依然故我和原地踏步,即使916變天計劃仍留在夢想階段,但民心思變的力量不是任何政治語言所能改變的。" Read more


Johnny Ong said...

let's hope that dsai can make the difference

Chemhoster said...

BN's drama has reached its climax, a slump is very likely to take place, either on the designated date or very near future (gotta wait for the 49 lawmakers to come back)

As long as We unite as one, it will be a happy ending!

Dody said...

First of all, I’m trying to show my best in being so neutral in this issue. I’m trying to give my point of view on the good and bad sides of the two parties.

September 16 (the day when Malaysia was formed when the three S states of Singapore, Sabah & Sarawak join Malaya) is only few days ahead, even Barrack Obama need to campaign around a year before the election. It is far too impossible to make it happen.

About Ahmad Ismail case, well … like you said. Don’t you want Malaysia to be a free-speaking country? Then why you all sack him back? Deputy PM had request a formal apology on behalf of him. Same goes to Namewee with his song Negarakuku talking bad about the Malays.

Anti corruption? Well, some people can just say like that to the government when they are still not at that high level of position. But when they become in that position, they become so vulnerable and can’t keep their words. Actions are far more difficult than speaking. There are just so many things to be done in order to combat corruption. Even us, starting in this university, we cheat during exams, we copy senior’s report for project, we don’t really follow university’s rules & regulations. I believe all of those things are the beginning of so-called “small corruption”.

Human rights of free speaking? Well, there will always be limitation on how free we want to be. Respect should always be put into account. We hate our lecturer, should we say f words to him in front of the class? We don’t like our parents, should we put their photo & names and spread them in Internet? Come on! There will always be limitation and respect in all sorts of kind of human rights. Fully 100% of human right is just a doctrine from the worst country so called United States. They think that their system is suitable for the rest of 120 countries in the world? They think that they can be the world’s model and international standard where people who do not follow them are considered backward, stupid, anti human rights, poor human rights, not democracy?

If China were to follow United States in applying their capitalism & democracy system in early 1950s (after the 1949 declaration of PRC by Mao Zedong), I believe now China will always lag behind United States. They need to have their own unique way to achieve their best because different people, different history background, means different in all sorts of their daily life system! The three world’s greatest empires (now called country) are Mongol Empire, Othman Empire and the Roman Empire, non of them apply democracy system! They have a really strong dictator king, but he knows really well how to drive their people to struggle for betterment of the country.

Somehow I do believe in equal treatment despite races and religion. Ok, I do admit that Malays have the Malay privilege in Malaysia. But isn't that the non-Malay have special rights as well such as they can enter Casino de Genting, they can drink alcohol freely (Malays can’t based on Shariah law), they can get married freely with different religion (excluding the Muslims) with no government interference, they can gamble anytime they want in 4D or da ma cai etc . So there will always be pro’s and con’s for all of these.

In China, it is the majority 92% of Han Chinese are the one being discriminated for not allowed to have more than one child (one-child policy). In Tibet A.R, only the “Tibet” races are allowed to be the region’s leader, not the Han Chinese. In United States, they put quota for the indigenous native Red Indians people of America in schools, universities, etc.

You think that the Europeans are democratic? It is in Netherlands where the local Chinese are forbidden to build any China Town. It is in Italy where the local Chinese are prohibited to hang any Chinese lanterns during CNY because the government says it will look too oriental. It is in Russia Far East province there the government try to restrict heavily the migration of Chinese, Korean and Japanese people to Russia. It was in the Kingdom of Spain where the king asked the Muslims & Jewish to get out of Spain if they don’t wan to convert to Christian. It is in Germany there millions of Jewish being killed because Jewish were once the one who control most of the economy of Germany. It is in Northern Ireland of UK where the Chatolics were screwed by the Protestants.

My conclusion is … maybe what the current government is doing doesn’t seem to be a really good way of controlling Malaysia. But I believe this is the best way they can do in this multiracial country. Of course none of the system is 100% perfect. There will always be people who feel dissatisfied. These are the takes and gives in living as one nation in one country to aim and achieve the same goal. Again, now I’m trying to practice the so-called free speaking of my human rights.

對不起。我不明白那個 article.

Chemhoster said...

Well, Dody you did make very good points. Apparently the farm trip has caused some delay to the process. The history may as you said not be brought forth by 916.

However, if the inefficiency in administration and inequality in serving the citizens persists, the ruling coalition will certainly be toppled. Everything has its critical state. When it's reached, that's it for all the glories and monopolies in the past 51 years.

Being a democratic country, people choose their government and what make a desirable government? What kinda government we need? Of course one that takes good care of the people, both economically and socially. Say BN wants to remain in position, they have gotta work hard for the welfare of people and develop country. Who becomes the government is not an issue as long as they serve!

Well, cheating in coursework is a minor form of corruption. At least I personally feel so. But yea, I do agree that corruption should happen somehow. Then again, it is not supposed to be overly practiced. By consequentialism, it can make some tycoons but meanwhile it most certainly can lead to economic crisis which affects almost everyone.

Free talking, of course has its limits. It must be bound within respects to each other and being receptive to constructive opinions. You may bombard people, but you should make a very good point which is generally acceptable. Then again, there is a margin tolerated for it. It should be practiced in optimum. Say like US when everyone can talk anything they like, the world is not peace at all! When you are being too rude, you can by chance get a gunshot in your head, that's even worse. The constitution should be upheld.

Being my last words here, if we don't want to be drilled (screwed), we better keep an eye open participating in politic betterment!

Cherish for REVOLUTION...

Charlz said...

well said indeed!

except for the part in mandarin characters where i cant read :P


Charlz said...

we know the current government is corrupt, had corrupted for the past 51 years, and will continue to corrupt heavily for the coming years should there be no improvement. corruption will never be eliminated 100%, admittedly. but this has come to the extend that they are too full of themselves - too prideful and cocky. this has come to the extend of hindering the national growth not to mention how casually they raise insensitive statements. However, at this point of time, it is best for a change - even if the new regime will still corrupt, this serves as a message to the current cocky government and remind them of "kuasa rakyat". we have the freedom to change government and we will demonstrate just that.

just my most humble opinion *wink*

Chemhoster said...

Charlz, thanks for dropping by and sharing your little thoughts. Recently, too many cases which don't make sense to people. Examples: ban on Malaysia Kina, Ah-mad Is-mail case, the freaking luxurious agricultural trip by bunch of law makers and arrest of senior reporter under Internal Security Act (ISA).
All these took place within 2 months. What "better" can they actually get? The situation is in urgent to be fixed, or else we mampus sekali. If they are interested in the country, do what is supposed to and behave more friendly in helping the country. Being 2C (cocky and corrupted) is always awarded with sayonana...