Saturday, September 6, 2008

An inefficient Saturday


12noon - 6pm: I was being hanged at the same page of note consisting of 6 lecture slides. Terrific progress! By mathematics, each slide took 1 hour. That's too fine. In fact, I was engaging with the web. I stuck at Friendster trying to upload some pictures but they exceed 2 MB, couldn't get it done. Then I was checking out the some matters regarding internship as mine is totally pending as of now. I was looking for oil field services companies, but ended up with zero output as in didn't even send any application.

6pm-8pm: Bed time. Then only started to work.

Initially I thought to watch a movie and complete at least one chapter of CPDC, but i defaulted every of them.

Two culprits are alledged to be held responsible for an non productive Saturday.

1. Weather.

The weather has been terribly nice since I woke up, which is 12 noon. I knew it well that I wouldn't have much things completed as I'm so into it (being seduced). If the university wanted us to be excellent, I would suggest to them to install a temperature regulator in each room, using a proportional, derivative, and integration (PID) controller since the U has its own LNG power generation plant, It's still economically feasible right! After all, this is PETRONAS university and PETRONAS is well known for it's wealth by each and every of the Malaysian.

For PID, click here.

2. Fast connection.

The Wi-Fi has gone crazy. The strengh signal was excellent. The window just popped out on-click (got kua zhiong a bit la). The chance for this to happen is like one in a million! By all means, I no matter what have to grab it by fully utilising it. Even now it's still superb. I'll be doomed if it persists long. haha...

It's so unfair for the connection right? When it performs badly (sluggish connection), people suffer due to it and they complain and even lodge a lawsuit to university's ceo. Okie fine, so now it performs excellently, it got sued nonetheless.

I: Gentleman, you just have to be working up to par! Overdo or otherwise will put you into trouble.


noiseemunkee said...

dunt fuck petronas la u..petronas is the big daddy la..everyone asking money from him..where got money d..sumore the big fat ministers oso ask money from petronas..where got money anymore.

Chemhoster said...

haha...going bankrupt. No way lol, Petronas is the Tai Kong of third world countries! People respect him. The fat ministers, how much they can eat wor, eat too much burst their belly! UTP must always got projects what. See, got floating cafe, overhead bridge, new sport completx, shelters, new entrance gate...etc, Why not fixing PID temperature regulator for every room! Or else some one is gonna get fatter!