Monday, September 8, 2008

Proton is NOT going to make a Loss

Another car talk by someone who barely have technical background on it.

Frankly speaking, among all the automotive makers, my preference is Japanese Honda. To be exact, I crave for Honda Civic and Honda Accord, regardless of year of production. Nonetheless, Honda series has made a huge progress year after year, not only the exterior design, but also the its performance. Apparently, Honda is very a promising one!

In recent years, the concerns for climate change and more efficient fuel economy surges everywhere around the world. The challenges that the automotive makers face are even much greater than ever! Transportation sector has been identified as the major root causing global warming. Thus, green technologies like bio fuel, fuel cell, electric car, solar car ...etc in vehicles become very vital for carbon footprint reduction.

In order to secure a competition in automotive market, the automotive manufacturers will have no choice but to opt for economical and green car. However, they are in dilemma. This is because they have to adopt highly sophisticated green technologies, which of course at the expense of extremely high cost, whilst they need to make something affordable so that they can get a bulk business. A trade off between these two must be reached.

Looking back in Malaysia, the dominant automotive maker, Proton which used to suffer losses in business has taken its initiative to move towards the international automotive arena. Proton is manufacturing electric cars in collaboration with Detriot Electric. If it turns out a success, PETRONAS's wealth will be shared by PROTON one day! haha...

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