Monday, September 1, 2008

Day 2 in KL on Independence Eve

It was 30th August, which was also the Independence Day eve. I was awaken by an ear-deafening and terrifying noise, the jet fighters. Bet that they were having full rehearsal for the Merdeka Celebration.

12 noon, we walked from hotel to Pavilion mall. I've heard of it since long ago but it was my first time being there. When I first stepped in, I was very much astonished by the architecture, the layout and more remarkably, the interior design of the brandy shops. The shopping mall is spacious. If I were to base in KL, I would fond of spending my leisure time rooming here. soon falling in love with the mall, love at first sight, wasn't it? Another thing which everyone knows, it's a paradise of fashion, lots of international brands that I could barely recognize are nowhere but here.

Arh...this is interesting! Toilet usually tells how well a building is. Like UTP, I would say the toilets are very good, just as good as the building. While for Pavilion, the toilets are nothing different from the Body Shop (Perfume Retailer) because it smells very good, seriously. Stay longer inside the toilets, you will smell better, need no perfume or deodorant any more, trust me!

At the stair case near the entrance

Guess? Expensive Brand wey!


Super brand Prada

Firstly, we had to hunt for food. Roomed around the food area. The food court was marvelous (talking about the layout of outlets, dining place, furniture and the atmosphere, but then not sure if the food is tasty). However, majority of us wanted to go Pancake House outlet.

Beef stick. The roll is very nice.

Shea Teng's one. Not sure good or bad.

Pasta with fried chicken

Wafer with vanilla. Recommended one. But remember to find 2 @3 ppl to share. It's huge.

Pencake House's ABC. Erm...not recommended I think.

After getting our stomach stuffed, we did some window shopping. The sale was on in conjunction with the Merdeka. What's more tempting to us, the sign "Price further mark down". I nevertheless was on tight budget as I am soon to buy a hand phone. We dropped by cinema and bought tickets for . The movie was at 5pm but it's just 3pm. So, I grabbed the chance to visit Star Hill plaza, a even more high class place.

A Mercedes SLR Mclaren spotted in front of Star Hill Plaza.
Very sporty!

The vocalist for Star Hill Merdeka Stage performance.
She is damned gorgeous. Thought of buying her a bouquet of flower. Influenced by Dody lol...

The bar lounge in front of where the pink lady sings.

Extension from Star Hill to JW Marriot. Fantasies corridor I ever used.

Even nicer than Pavilion! Very peaceful. Everywhere can see security.

Eye catching and eye opening snaps:

The Fantastic Four brought you by Pavilion Plaza.

Somewhere at Bukit Bintang. By giving RM1, he will air you a kiss.
After that he will come to a complete static until the next RM1. He even barely take a breath.

Cool car. But I don't think it's Audi as suggested by the 4X0

Closer look. Wonder it is for display or for racing? lots of people stop by to see it.


Dody said...

avril's concert @ merdeka stadium, money not enough 2 @ the pavillion, wafer with vanilla @ pancake house, the female singer @ starhill gallery, the red-dressed girl @ poppi, merdeka song at 12 am @ above korean restaurant, chinese merdeka concert @ outside sungei wang plaza and the broken table @ travellers palm lodge, haha ... KL ROCKS!!

Chemhoster said...

I wonder who is the red-dressed girl. Prove to me with solid picture. Is she as standard as the Star Hill's pinky girl?
Yea, KL is indeed way rocker than Ipoh.