Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mean words

There are quite a number of technical terms that can actually be exploited to signify some general words. In fact, they are versatile.

1. Driller/ drilling/ Drilling engineer = screw

eg 1. When you would like to be mean to someone, you may say: drill you.
eg 2. When you perform badly in a test, you may say: I drill up the test.
eg 3. Someone who is a real fxxxker, to be nice, you may call him/her a driller/ drilling engineer

2. Black hole = suck/ sucker

eg 1. someone who sucks, you may call him/her a black hole
eg 2. What's a black hole!

3. pcs= professional "coke" sucking

p/s: Should you have more of its kind, do leave a comment. Think out of the box. Bet you all have lots one, share it.

They are harsh, but they are meant to be funny!

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