Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heroes Season 3

What if there's a minority of human being who have superpower?
Interesting the world gonna become right?

Issac Mendez possesses precognitive visions.
This is his painting of Manhattan being decimated in nuclear blast.

"Save the cheer leader, save the world"

Hero season 3 is set to air at the end of September.

Get yourselves tagged!
It's thus far the best US series I've ever watched.
Wondering where to get the source though.
Hopefully Dc++ is up-to date.

My favorite role is non other than Peter Petreli
who has the ability to absorb any power when come into contact with him.
He is also the key to save the world.

Anyone like Hiro Nakamura? hehe...

more pics

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Charlz said...

oh, oh!! I like Niro nakamura!! p(>.<)q yatta!! {{>.<}} hehehe~ I thot there won't be any heroes liao. Good to hear that they are making a comeback ^_^