Thursday, September 4, 2008

When the luck comes

This is friday morning. I like friday in particular because I can slow down my pace of works and have more time to rest and do something I love to. I believe the same goes for most of the people. So, my mood was windy. However, I had gotta do some reading because I am gonna write the first paper, Engineering Economic for this semester though it's already week 7.

Yesterday, I received a phone call from my Engineering Team Project (ETP) supervisor telling me that my stuff has arrived! It's such a great news. It's the first ever international deal I've ever accomplished. Well, I will come to this again in next post.

Just now, I went to my sv office to collect the stuff. My sv wasn't around yet. So, I had gotta wait for a while. There my luck came. A charming fresh chick came into the office looking for a lecturer. She actually had business in regard to Engineering Design Exhibition (EDX) as I noted she was holding the EDX letters. She was kind of blurred that she walked back and fro like having no idea of whatever. That's why I said she's fresh! As she is kind of lovely, elusive or rear species here, we have the responsibility to protect all of its kind. So, I just bumped into her if I could offer some favor. P/S: not that I have a crush. I explained to her that when it comes to meeting lecturer, she should inform and make prior arrangement! After that my sv came and that's it done with her.'s kind of pity that I didn't even know her name and not to mention about the contact.

Bumping into lenglui, it's totally not likely here, but I did. So, I considered myself very lucky for that. My mood is thus boosted up further. Like Chong Kian said, that day he bumped into his pretty and cute colleague, he was high for the whole day. Well, I guess so will I. Hahaha...

However, be chill first until the test is over!

Wonder has my karma been paid off?


Pinky said...

hahahaha... wat u mean it's hard to 'bump' into leng luis in UTP?!?!
tat implies a big impact on the UTP girls... hehe...

die la u! lol

Chemhoster said... worry. say you loss your direction or anything and thus become very blurred, i will bump into you also...:) Happy?

Charles Tan said...

wah, Pinky terasa with your statement there already :P hahaha~!! well, after a day like that, don't everyone loves Friday! ^.~