Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Six brains computer chip by Intel

Few days ago, my PCS lecturer, Mr. Mohammad Noor Rosli asked us about the Information Technology (IT) advancement. Someone suggested to him 3.5G network while I suggested the I-phone by Apple Corporation. He was like ("OOO...those things, they have already been there quite some time"). I was thinking is he for real, up-to-date ler! I used to perceive that people around his age (50 plus) are mostly IT illiterate. Well, He perhaps has proven to me that I am stereotyping. I am actually what the heck to make such judgment on UTP director!

I am certainly not satisfied by that. So, I've found something to counter back. This surely is cutting edge enough to blow his mind.

The six-core chip delivers 50 percent more performance than its quad-core predecessor while using 10 percent less electric power, according to Intel enterprise group vice president Tom Kilroy.

Electricity and cooling expenses can account for nearly half the cost of running company computer servers.

"It isn't just performance and energy efficiency but the use models," Kilroy said of the boon promised by increasingly powerful chips. "One of the major ones is virtualization."

Multi-core chips are boons to computing trends including high-definition video viewing online; businesses offering services applications on the Internet; and single servers running many "virtual" machines.

"There is a realization that we will be able to bring things to market that weren't feasible four years ago," MySpace vice president of technical operations Richard Buckingham said while discussing the new chip's potential.

Read full text on "Xeon 7400"


Johnny Ong said...

technological stuff are advancing too fast for people to catch up with

Chemhoster said...

If i am earning 5 digits monthly, perhaps I can keep my pace with it.