Friday, September 19, 2008

Post 916

Malaysian politic has been way too dramatic since the landslide victory by Anwar Ibrahim in Permatang Pauh by-election on 16th August.

BN is being driven to act on desperation. Among the paradigms:
1. Imposed ban on Malaysia Today by all internet service providers (ISPs) as being ordered by Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission(MCMC). It has been resumed though. more
2. 49 BN Legislators were sent for agricultural trip in Taiwan which was deemed as a measure to avert the party cross-over.
3. Detention of Raja Petra Kamaruddin (Malaysia Today Editor) and Tan Hoon Cheng (Sin Chiew Daiy News reporter) under Internal Security Act. more

p/s: Damage has been made. You further lost people trust! If you're very much into governing this country, prove it. Make no mistake! People don't need your joke to make their days. If this is the mentality within you, I afraid people will have to say "NO". Show some sincerity!

It's few days post long awaited 916. Anwar who has pledged to take over the government on this particular date, however seems not to make any progress yet. Despite the claim about more than 30 BN Member of Parliment (MPs) have confirmed to join his Pakatan Rakyat, solid move has yet come to surface. Consequently, there has been lots rumors that Anway is merely bullshit-ing.

Could 916 be just the prelude? Will the sweet promises be realized soon? Or all that came out from his mouth is just rhetoric?

He is really playing for stake now. If he succeed, he will be prime minister, otherwise it's a shame for him to stay in Malaysia.

However, what worst is that the country is receiving disastrous threats by virtue of this pending state. The country has been pretty much plunging into turmoil, particularly the economic. The external investors have lost their confidence towards the local government and pulled themselves out of the country. The Kuala Lumpur Composite Index (KLCI) even dropped below 1000 yesterday. At the same time, the international economic crisis hits whereby the Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy. Malaysia will automatically get the impact.

If the situation persists, we are going nowhere. In fact, we are doomed!

Wish that Anwar is the kinda man who values his words and stresses integrity. Make those who are skeptic about him drop their glasses. The nation can't afford to wait longer. Move fast and settle things down!

People are waiting good news from you. Don't be a cock talker as what some people call you now!

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