Friday, September 26, 2008

"What is your biggest acheivement ?"

Yesterday, during a very boring class, someone abruptly threw a stunning question: "What is the your biggest achievement? " On the spot, I can't really give a sound answer.

Collectively, yea I dear to say that I have had quite some accomplishments. In primary school, I used to be the athlete two years in a row but I lost in the district running events. I involved also in school handball and basketball team. Academically, okok only. Secondary school, nothing much other than scoring pretty fine in SPM, which bunches of people out there did it better. (Shit...screwed up Bahasa Cina, like what happened in my PMR). Again, I was part school basket and football team. Club thingy I didn't involve much. However, I was very active in 二十四节铃鼓, sort of a chinese drum club. We managed to win gold and silver in the state competition. I guess that's really big moment for us! Ironically, the junior team was the champion instead of us being the senior team. swt. In university, I participated some clubs, held some posts and organised some events. Thus far, the biggest moment was NACES 2008 in UPM being the first runner up for technical paper presentation.
P/s: May left out some.

Talking about the biggest one, I doubt to tell which one of them. This is because different people different horizons, expectations, boundaries and levels. Well, to me all these change over time. Meeting new people get new inspirations or even influences, they all will change accordingly!

Long ago, I didn't think I would enter an university, here am I now. Long ago, I didn't think that I could have a boundless networking, but now I do. Long ago, I didn't think that I could write in English, here I do also. Long ago I never thought I would be an engineer, but now I am walking the path. Most unexpectedly, it's oil and gas industry which I scarcely exposed to in those days.

So, to answer "What is your biggest achievement", I would say it is the changes I have experienced thus far. Precisely, the mental and intelligence growth. From a plain sheet of paper, I am totally "tainted". I am not who is used to be! That's it lar...


Johnny Ong said...

the biggest achievement cld be "still fighting the fight all this while"

Charlz said...

your biggest achievement is getting to know Charles Tan~ hahaha :P